About Us

The Diyar Homes neighborhood is located at the entrance of Diyar Al Muharraq and features a residential area, starting at 400 units in the first phase of the project and reaching 2500 units at completion. Diyar Homes is conveniently located near the various amenities contained within purpose built communities, with considered roads and pathways allowing safe and easy access through the development, and including scenic community landscaping. It provides the ideal setting for traditional Bahraini family living with high quality housing standards at affordable prices.

The tree-lined avenues of Diyar Homes combine with numerous waterways, beaches and parks to create a natural backdrop to it’s traditional, yet modern architecture. The earthy colours of the buildings blend beautifully with the blue water views and green landscapes. Using local droughtresistant plant and tree species to minimize the water requirements for landscaping, Diyar Homes is a prime example of the eco-friendly cities of the future. The development is surrounded by 40 kilometres of scenic waterfront, beaches, and numerous parks, easily accessible to all residents.